Rush, weekend, and holiday services are available. Rates for services may vary and includes a travel charge depending on the location of the service.

Services include:

Power of Attorney, Last will and Testament, Medical Directives, Auto Titles, Quit Claim Deed, Promissory Notes, Divorce Documents, Bankruptcy, Legal Records, Adoption, Affidavit, Real Estate and Loan Documents

Acknowledgments:   A notarial act in which a Notary certifies that a signer, with satisfactory identification, signs a document for its stated purpose.

JURATS: A notarial act in which a Notary certified that a signer has taken an oath or affirmation for truthfulness of the signed document.

COPY CERTIFICATIONS: A notarial act in which the Notary certifies copies are of an original document.

OATHS OR AFFIRMATIONS: A notarial act in which a person makes a vow, under penalty of perjury in the presence of a notary.